Step 1. Supplies

It's not a trip to the pub without alcohol and snacks


Voucher codes - you're welcome!

Beer52 stock IPAs to speciality small-batch brews. And most of the cans are a work of art.

£5 off bottle shop orders over £25

£10 off bottle shop orders over £35

Free Delivery

50% off your first subscription case

Honest Brew

£5 off voucher

Honest Brew is an online bottle shop specialising in craft beers. Grab yourself a £5 off voucher when you spend £35 on your first order from the link below.

All Day Brewing

Farmhouse brewed beer - while stocks last!

A brewery based in Norfolk run by our friend's Dad has an epic sale on beers at the moment.


Wine and whine

The last wine subscription I ordered was from Laithwaite's. A fine case of seasonal reds. It's not lasting me very long - each bottle is extremely quaffable!

House of Malt

Keeping spirits high

If spirits are more your thing, House of Malt who primarily specialises in malt whisky also has you covered for vodka, gin and other alcoholic varieties.

Use code HOMCLUB3 for 3% off your order.

Borough Box

Beer snack experience gift

We tried and tested this box over a virtual pub crawl with friends. We sent our friends a box, and bought a box for ourselves so we could snack on the same snacks.

Your suggestions here

If you have any suggestions for where to buy alcohol and snacks send them to

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